Stay in Dandeli

Best Resorts to Stay in Dandeli

Dandeli is home to a variety of resorts catering to families, corporate outings, student campings etc. Dandeli Resorts has three abodes.

The Luxury Resort
dew drop jungle in dandeli resorts

Dew Drops Jungle Resort in a large area of 14 acres, well equipped with Swimming Pool and all amenities, between the Acacia forest. It is an all-season resort enjoyed in all the weather and climate of Dandeli. With friendly employees and managers. For an unforgettable experience, many more indoor games like cycling, trekking and campfire are organized

The Riverside Resort
river edge homestay in dandeli resorts

The River Edge Homestay has all the facilities on the banks of the river Kali. A complete retreat from the city’s life with a great view of the river. Rooms and tents face the river. Together with Zorbing and Coracle, in- house activities such as cycling, trekking and campfire are organized.

The Jungle Camp
greenwoods homestay in dandeli resorts

The Greenwood Jungle Camp is 5 km away from the city of Dandeli. Enjoy nature with adventures and panoramic views, which all have basic amenities. Indoor games like cycling, walking or campfire are also played. Greenwood is enjoyed in all Dandeli seasons. with co-operative managers and employees.